About Courtland Akinloye

My name is Courtland and I live in TX. I have been in TX for most of my professional career and I love to spend time enjoying my hobbies. Many people know Texas is known for it’s vast highway network and interstate system. As a result there is a huge car scene. From old school low riders to new school American muscle cars. Don’t forget the trucks either. Lot’s of trucks. In fact Diesel Brothers and Gas Monkey Garage are filmed here in TX. Those are two of my favorite car shows the come out of Texas and actually one of them is filmed in the industrial area of Dallas.

Classic cars or old school cars are my favorite ones. Classic cars have a certain appeal and class to the that is very rare in modern cars. You won’t find a huge chunk of plastic on the dash or a center console filled with buttons. You won’t see vents and lines that aren’t necessary. There isn’t much distracting you from the road, the car and your driving experience as you navigate the highways. The engines produce simple raw power from the days of yesteryear when things were built to last. Classic cars always hold their value and generally appreciate if taken care of. There are many types of classic cars but not nearly as many different body types as we see on the road today. An interesting new trend we are beginning to see is the electrification of classic cars

Courtland Akinloye